Do you want to share your photos with others in a meaningful and creative way?   Here are a few ideas...


Create a Photo Slideshow or Legacy Video

A Photo Slideshow provides a collection of images displayed simply, but artistically between various transitions in a predetermined order. You can also choose to have music played along with the slideshow. Each is custom created for your needs. Often this format is used to present a variety of images to be shown and enjoyed in the background at your event.

Legacy and Journey Videos are more specific and intimate than a Photo Slideshow.  These movies may include a compilation of photos, memorabilia, pre-recorded video and/or audio, background music and titles. 


Create a Photobook

Photobooks give you the opportunity to tell a story about you or your family and your journey.  The journey you share through a specially designed photobook has unlimited possibilities! Some photobook ideas include:

√ Heritage Books     √ Graduation Books

√ Memorial Books    √ Vacation/Special Trip Books

√ Vacation Books     √ Baby Books